Team Chica

Team Chica Sexy is a cycling race team based out of San Francisco, California. Currently in its freshman season, Chica Sexy is often referred to a way of life than something to be. In essence, Team Chica is about comradeship through cycling and competition without pretension. As serious athletes, we know the endeavors we must make to continue to reach our goals, but we aren’t about to be the ones who are too cool for the peloton to make it enjoyable.

Spread out over all disciplines of competitive cycling- be it track, road, cross or mountain bike, Chica Sexy is here to represent and show how it’s meant to be done: with style, class and a little bit of sexy!

Current riders:

Cat4 road and track racer Will Rose

Awoken from the union of speed and mechanical advantage, Will Rose, for two years has suffered through fire with the Bay Area’s Cat 4s.
A combination of animal instinct to chase, the need for torture, and race tradition makes Will (a.k.a – Snacks, Jr. Gears, Necro-butcher) a fierce competitor. With surprises on the steepest grade and a constant drive through the tightest turns, the Santa Cruz Mtn.s are Will’s playground. With a win at the CCCX Fort Ord circut race and 10th at Pescadero RR, he can already taste blood for 2011.
Will is best summed up with this quote, “We forge our bodies in the fires of our will.”

Cat 3 road racer David Bangor

Forged from the terror of skateboarding David “Euronymous” Bangor loves to suffer for a purpose. Now on a bicycle, the steep is where you’ll find him, in the mist within the shadows, in the big chain ring. At a race if you can hold his wheel, you’ll see the finish, with a Chica Sexy jersey ahead.


Don’t be alarmed if Euronymous passes you at your fastest saying, “shut up legs”.

Cat3 road and track rider Dave Mesa crushing at San Ardo road race

Track Sprints, 20%, Headwinds, CX, full rigid for 8 hour MTB races, David Mesa thrives under adversity. He is a rider that seems god made to fit the modern road bike. At 6’3”, 150 lbs., with the style of a Cuban Miguel Indurain, most of what you’ll see of Mesa is a steep piece of road and him floating away.

If you get to the track don’t miss the miss-n-out to see him always there at the end. With a 6th at Patterson Pass, the Cat 3’s better pray for mercy before Everest Challenge because Mesa is there to win.

Cat 3 road and track Team rider Fergus Tanaka on his way to victory for Chica Sexy at Timpani crit

Tanaka the Terrible and Fergoroth, are names that summon the tyrant of
Bay Area criteriums. But if you put a puppy in his path the fury is tamed. Animal lover, Artist, …., Fergus Tanaka races like a Norse Bezerker, no armor, brutalizing himself, mashing others behind him to victory.

Tornado of Golden Gate Park, frizbee golfers beware. The Urinator has been know for two wheel drifts through the weak, the women, and their children. CX season is apon us, so bring out your dirt snot rockets, thumb tacks, and power to try hang with Uri in the mud, sand, gravel, and rocks. Unless he is wearing his DFL dress let him ride far ahead, because you can’t pass him. Chica’s dirt specialist, Uri is currently 3rd in the state on a Single Speed MTB.

Heather “The Destroyer” Pugh

Fred Cauthen is concentrating on one-speed A cyclocross racing right now.  He just raced to a top 10 finish at CCCX #3 at Fort Ord near Monterey, California.  His racing history has been spread out among one-speeds B, geared B masters and regular with racing at Lion of Fairfax, Pilarcitos, and CCCX at various sandy, hard, chewed up courses.  (Fred is older, dude).  GentleFred is the title.  Raced messenger races with a huge bag of crap with some reasonable finishes.  Has a nice bike.  Now a teacher.  Get schooled!

J Shaun O’Bryan fuckin’ rips!