Dunnigan Conquered

Dunnigan Hills is exposed, straight, windy, pot holy, and crashy. With the goal of staying in a draft, meant there were lots of harsh words and sketchy bike on bike action. The Tri Valley squad did there best to mix up the peloton with good organization putting there riders off the front. The two Dolce Vita riders where riding with heart and making others worry if a tuff counter attack would develop from their action. 8 miles to the finish and a mid-pack tire explosion sent riders to the ground. A bike comes from head high in the air into my front wheel and magically swings away without taking me with it. Sadly, Isaac from Dolce Vita, was down after working so hard to animate the race, hopefully he’s just bummed and not broken. From the right to climb over the over pass, 1.7 miles to go. Got pinned at second place and started to worry, being in the wind. With the narrow road and no one jumpin before 300m, it was mine. One click down, out of the saddle, rear wheel skipin, a look back and one more gear drop, and then a bike lunge for good measure, left all behind.

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