It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Pescadero RR is without a doubt one of the best courses on the NCNCA calender…..

This course presents a beautiful backdrop of dense primeval forests to a road of pain.

Chica Sexy had a great showing of 8 riders the race with the 3’s having the luxury of a late start while the 5’s and 4’s made the early showing of what was to be a tough day for all. In the 3’s, we had 2.7 loops of this course to complete and overall the group mainly stayed together though out the day except for a brave attempt by Dave and another rider who escaped on the first lap up Haskins grade. After that there were some weak attempts to bridge up and a lot of waiting for teams to take their pull and close the gaps. Will, Steve, Mark, and Fred made a great cheer leading squad on the top of Haskins, and on the final lap we eventually caught Dave and his breakaway partner. After a steady ride up stage rd and down to the 84 a rider jumped from the pack and time trialed his way to Haskins. As everyone else just played the waiting game it was eventually a race for second. We approached the final climb and to make things even better a stupid crossing of wheels cause a crash 500 meters from the base of Haskins. Luckily I did not get involved with the big crash but I was slowly caught up in the aftermath and as I struggled to get back on the bike I could see close to 30 riders ahead sprinting away to Haskins. Frustrated and sore, I raced towards the climb and started off too fast. As my legs began burn I was having trouble getting into a rhythm but eventually I started to come around and slowly picked off riders one by one. At the top I caught up to a UC Davis rider and sprinted  it out (or at least tried to) for 20th place. He just got the better of me and I finished off with a 21st placing. Not what I wanted out of the race but at least I didn’t get caught up in the crash.

Will came through in the 4’s with a 10th place and Fred also gave a strong effort to hold out for 12th in the 5’s.

Thanks to everyone who came out, it was great having such a big group out there racing.

This race will always present some the best of times and some of the worst of times. Until next year.




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One Response to It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

  1. molly says:

    whadup bangor. i believe you now. closer to the day i see you in tour of california? we’ll see.
    thought that you would like this.
    hope you are well and keeping up with the tour. go andy!

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