Soil Saloon 6-2-11

Big Ups to the Soil Saloon folks fer the rad cross racing. Maybe my favorite episode yet. As always it involved a scramble from work to get there in time, only to arrive and find it no where near starting. Or so I thought, and I rolled out to ride a bit of the course and stay warm. Turns out it was just about to start and as I started making my way back, bang! The crowd was off right around the corner from me. I figured it might not be a good idea to cut in front of everyone, so I waited and tried to merge after 10 or so had passed. Moving my way up to the front, we quickly came to the maze. I noticed that the people in front weren’t stopping, so I ducked under the fence to be the first to around it. Upon leaving I was in front of a small group. I began feeling a rider behind me wanting to pass, so I picked up the pace and tried to stay in front as we climbed single track. Finally Deuce pulled around when we hit the outer dirt track of the polo fields. I was able to grab his wheel and followed his move. Then I made my first mistake by not stopping with him at the slingshot. I took a gamble and continued on because the line was a bit long.

Racing on a course twice a long as usual (2.8 miles) meant things really spread out, so I put my head down and went. Next time round I saw one person at the slingshot, so I stopped. Mistake #2: sometimes one person can take longer than 10! After a certain point a volunteer said to him, “you might want to hurry” and finally the bean was shot. Back on my bike I hustled to make up lost time when Dan McNally moved up to me. With a better route onto the track he got in front and it was on! I follow him up the trail and back onto the track. Another sloppy move gave him a tiny gap, but moving back up was actually easy. I began feeling he’d be faster through the next sandy, descending section, so I sprinted in front before we hit it and took the lead.

Yet another shitty maneuver resulted in Dan cutting a corner to get in front and I scurried to stay with. We hit the final turn and again my line sucked and the gap remained. Sprinting across the grass and into the start/finish area Dan easily kept his gap. We were 2nd and 3rd to Deuce, who had arrived a good minute or so before. In a short bit Geoffrey came through and then Leah, first woman!

Thanks for the awesome video Lyndsey.

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