so long old friend

ah, we had some good times together...

very few things touch me like the loss of a good friend.

i bought this bike from handsome john when i was living in philly. i had recently broken my khs aero flite. when i got this bike, it was in near new condition, and for a price most people would drop a jaw to today (about $200). i built it up with full suntour superbe and this bike became a part of me. it came everywhere with me. countless alleycats were raced on it, some won, some tossed away. i won velocity 2007 on this bike, got second at naccc chicago, 6th at monster track 2005 (first out of town), first out of towner all around westside invite 2006, 6th @ cmwc 2007, began my track racing career on this bike and earn thousands of dollars made countless double rushes all on this bike.

then it broke in 2009. so did my heart.

but i found someone- a friend of a friend- who welded my beloved khs back together. so i stiped the paint and built it back up for one last go-round. this time, khs was a 3-speed basket bike- or ‘bash bike,’ as alex likes to call retired racehorses-turn-workhorses. and we enjoyed a good run, until our time drew too brief and found my khs to be cracking again.

we enjoyed 6 long years together. i wouldn’t trade a single minute of that time to be on any other bike.


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