Soil Saloon – Martin’s Six Pack Shootout

The weather gods truly smiled upon us this past Sunday, as we gathered in Golden Gate park to race a truly ripping and fun course.  Thanks Andy French!  The gist of this race was: in honor of Martin’s birthday and Strong Beer Month, you had to down a cup of strong beer on every lap, and if you really wanted to get ahead, you had to take the “shotcut” which involved downing a shot of whiskey on every lap (cutting out a sizeable section of the course).  Oh yeah, and there were six.  Six laps.  Let’s do the math: that would make six beers and six whiskey shots.  In an hour or less.

picture by pamela palma

Needless to say, people were drunkity drunk drunk.  I think this truly lived up to the promise of the booziest, drunkest Soil Saloon ever (and that is saying something.  Remember when everyone got margaritas shot in their face a couple of years ago?).

picture by pamela palma


Anyway, the race was incredibly fun.  I wasn’t even planning to ride, as I wrenched my lower back last week and was still recovering.  However, after a pre-ride, I was dying to do the race, so I did.  I figured if it hurt, I’d quit.  So the course: lots of ripping single track, much of which was part of the Pilarcitos course.  I heard many people say that they thought this course was better than Pilarcitos, in fact. After the rain we’d just had, it was perfect on a cross bike: tacky, and smooth. No sand pits to be found. A few big puddles to get messy in and just enough roots to keep things interesting.

picture by pamela palma

In the end, Cameron won it for the men but had his title stripped because he didn’t drink.  Peter was right behind him.  The Chica Sexy ladies also finished well. I give Heather the win because she actually drank almost every drop handed to her.  Me, well, let’s just say that there was fair amount of beer and whisky soaking into the sand in Golden Gate Park.  I know my limitations. I am happy to say that I won a free acupuncture session, thanks to the fact that Pamela saw me limping around on Friday and passed my name along (thanks guys!).

picture by pamela palma

Look for pictures from this event in an upcoming Bike magazine issue.  Pamela Palma was there taking pictures of Steve Smith on the Shit Bike, as well as the general level of debauchery.


For now, pictures can be found here:

Pamela’s shots

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