CCCX #7 December 19th


It was a wet and wild one. This morning I woke to the sound of howling wind. Looking outside the living room window I noticed the trees were nearly horizontal, flapping sideways in the gales. “What a great day for a race” I thought, and began to get pumped on the idea of being drenched, cold, and completely exhausted.

The course was fun, leaning on the technical side. Lots of barriers perfectly placed to slow you down as much as possible. Lots of mud but nothing too deep. The rain made the sand traps a little easier to deal with than usual. I barely missed slamming into a tree on a descent which taught me the valuable lesson of tapping the brakes every now and then to clear water and dirt from the rims. The most challenging part of the course was the initial climb at the start. I usually do well on climbs but was close letting go of my breakfast each time I came through this section. Most of all the course was fun. Lots of fast sections interspersed with the technical parts and a double set of small bunny-hoppable log barriers.

I think the Central Coast guys and gals do a good job and focus more on the course rather than the bells and whistles you see at some races. Shouts out to the organizers! Thanks!

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