BASP #4- GG Park 11-28-2010

Is mucky onomatopoeia?


Chicas raced a moist and rad BASP #4 on home turf Sunday in Golden Gate Park.  In attendance were Heather “The Throttle” P., Uri “TokYo Drift” F. and Fred “Frank the Knot” C.  The Throttle raced the open B women and TokYo Drift and Frank the Knot raced one speed A men.

Here are events as remembered and made-up, according to ‘the Knot:

Drift and the Knot toed the line (with call ups) with the usual cast of radness that is the single speeders.  And we’re off!  It’s always sort of a shock to me that “we’re off!” but there we were.  So I pedaled.  And had a surprisingly good start (for me, anyways).  We swarmed our right turn after the start/finish on to the dirt and I ended up on the track right behind Ranier and Caesar. Holy crap.  That never happens. So that’s what they look like when they’re hauling butt.  I was all, “damn, don’t fuck this luck up.”  Then, not 5 seconds later, we all slammed into the back of the geared men and the jumblefuck began.

The course was awesome.  Pretty twisty with some fast sections, muddy sections, slow sections, turny sections and a mucky pond through which to ride.  Two sets of double barriers combed traffic, as well.  So I went and fucked it up a little bit a couple of times.  One of the times wasn’t so great and one of times turned out to be a lucky break.

Near the end of the first full lap I fucked it up.  There’s a 180 degree right hand turn in some pretty tacky dirt.  I had a good pack placement, I think about 3rd or 4th place, and felt comfortable with the pace.  I took the turn and my rear wheel stopped sticking and I went down.  No problemo.  I got up and started to run to remount and not loose my place.  One step and my right shoe came off.  My fall unbuckled the strap on my shoe.  So I got off and fixed it while watching a bunch of radness float by.  Part of that radness was The Drift.  He expressed some consternation on my behalf, because, well, we’re buds, and so I had a reason to lift my chin and tighten my belt (shoe) and I was off to chase The Drift.  More radness ensues.

That was the first mistake.  The second worked out in my favor.  I rode behind another bud, Brandon, and just mainly tried to keep up.  Up comes the mucky pond crossing.  Brandon goes down right in front of me.  Luckily I was also fucking it up and veered off course, missing Brandon, and rolling smooth.  I was so surprised I forgot to pedal for a bit.

For about the last 1/3rd of the race, I mainly traded spots with Evan Sarna, who is first rate.  We even talked while we raced.  I like that.  Anyways, by the end, Evan was up on me and he took 5th and I 6th.  We actually rode one more slow lap, just in case we weren’t quite lapped by the geared leaders, at the end.  The Drift came in hot right after and I got to meet his sweet family.

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