Surf City #2 11-14-10

Twisting through the grass

Surf City #2 at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds finished my second two race weekend in a row. Turns out I was recovering pretty well and my fitness was good. The small field made it pretty easy to get a decent start. As we made our way through the first turn, I was in fourth. Rounding the second turn, Ceser started creating a gap and no one could answer his move.

Coming through the second lap I could tell that Tim was not as strong as usual and I felt it was time to attack. He seemed to not have much power on the road, so as we entered the covered feed lot, I moved by. When I finally looked back, I had 20 seconds. The next time I crossed the line someone yelled, “Second place!” There were 5 laps to go. Now I just had to keep it together and not blow up, crash, flat, or roll a tire.

When I had the opportunity to see back, I could see my gap growing. For a second I wondered how far in front Ceser was and if I could catch up. It was fun charging through the course with a comfortable amount of time on the riders behind. Finally the finish line came and I had held my position. Best finish of the season!

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