CCCX #6 11-21-10

Chica Power

Toro Park provided an excellent venue once again for CCCX. The course and the weather was completely different and last time. Rainer, Fred, and I drove down in the poring rain to get there right in time. The start was strait and slightly uphill enough for me to charge ahead before Ceser caught me. Scott seemed the most aggressive of the rest and we traded lead a few times. I was able to get around him making a turn but then he would surge ahead again. Then Scott asked how his wheel looked and I had to tell him it was flat. There was a sizable sandy run up that I was able to gap the group on and I also seemed to be a little faster down the decent on the other side. I gained 10 or so seconds, but by the flat part of the course the group had caught me. Fred moved in front and kept on going. I struggled to stay with him, but he was on fire!

Hustling Fred

It was now Garret and I in third and fourth place. I led him around the course and the hill favored me as did the log that I was bunning hopping, but he was pretty fast everywhere else. I was motived slightly when it began to rain and hoped that it would slow others more than me. Crossing the line I was still in third place. Great job once again CCCX crew!

Landing after the log


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