Lone Chica at CCCX #4, 10-10-10


My friend Corina chargin'

The course at Toro Park near Salinas consisted of a gradual climb that becomes steepest at the end before plummeting down rippin’ single track . The park generously opens up single track for CCCX that is normally closed to cyclists.

I lined up with 11 other A single speeders behind the rest of the A field. Our start was right before the climb ramped up, so I immediately sprinted to the front of the pack.

Half way up the climb a Rocklobster rider pulled ahead and so I followed him as we hit the decent. There was a very hard left that I came into way to hot to make and I had to hit my breaks hard. This move amounted to throwing a break check to the pack behind, meaning they had to slow way down too while I then charged ahead. I held my position until finally Rainer, Ceser Chavez, and Tim Cannard all got past me.

SS A Race Start

For the first half of the race I struggled to maintain contact Ceser and Tim, while Rainer worked his way to the front. I would catch them on the climb and then gradual fall back during the curvy lower section. All of a sudden I realized that Ceser had slowed way down, so I made my move and charged past him as we hit the climb for the 5th time. By the time I check behind him at the bottom of the decent he was no where to be seen. Tim remained in sight ahead, so I began to focus on him.

The cheering from friend and regular pelting by suction darts kept me focused. However, after a woman offered me a cookie, I inhaled it and immediately regretted doing so. All the moisture was sucked from my mouth and I started coughing. Luckily water hand outs were plentiful.

A few more laps passed before I rolled though in 4th. I was happy that I had just increased my gearing because I felt it forced me to haul ass.

Grinding up the climb

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