Cycle Cross at Fort Ord, CCCX #3


Shaun O'Bryan getting some


Chica Sexy hit the Former Fort Ord Cross course with their signature combination of style and fury last Sunday, October 3rd. Racing for his first time this season, Shaun O’Bryan began the ruckus with a solid performance in the Men’s B race. Shaun wooed the crowd by bunny hopping over barriers with ease and finesse. His performance earn a 13th place out of a field of 23.


Fred Cauthen landing cleanly after barrier hoppin'


Next up the Uri and the Fred raced single speed A. Having just upgraded to the elite category, Fred had plenty of reason to be nervous. Nonetheless, Chica Sexy represented well, dripped with style, and, for the most part, dodged unexploded munitions.

The race began with the pack staying together as it twisted through the fast course. Following the climbing section, the single track began to decend and the speed steadily increased. As Uri leaned into a corner his front wheel come out from under him and he went down fast and hard. He remounted quickly and got back up to Fred, but was noticeably shaken. The pair of Chicas worked together to regain the lead pack, but precious time was lost and they had to settle for picking off straggling geared A racers. On the final lap Uri pulled slightly ahead and earned a podium spot, with Fred taking 6th place in a field of 9 one speeds. Uri still shared his strawberries, though.


Uri Friedman ripping it up


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