Keepin’ DFL Sexy!

This was the final DFL race ever.


I had the pleasure of doing all three DFL events, each one, getting sexier than the one before it. I will admit, I am a terrible cross racer; and a mediocre cross dresser. This course was probably the worst, in that it was in one of the dirtiest places in SF- Toxic Golf Beach. Just like the name implies, Toxic Golf has a seedy past in a dubious history of shady ecologically nightmarish acts. to race there, meant a series of calls to my previous doctors to make sure i was up to date on all my vaccines and immunizations.

Though the crowd was in a more palatable number than previous DFL events (a paltry 75-100 compared to the 150-200), it was still a challenge making headway in the abnormally dusty conditions. The course was somewhat of a kidney bean with a labyrinth and a goiter rolled into one, that mazed through a mystery silt that covered everything and everyone. Afterward- to my horror- I had an awful resemblance to one who had recently visited “La Playa,” even getting the nod from a couple in a Subaru as I rode to the Mission Bicycle Festival (another equally boring story). Maybe that was the point, and the joke was on all of us.

I did my best to stay upright, nearly washing out in the gravel and tree bark. But, due to my expertise from messengering, I declined to fall in something that could potentially give me some form of VD. I was lapped by a number of people, but I made sure to mark a few viable competitors (women and old men) and only let them lap me once.

All in all, I enjoyed my christening into cross via the DFL series. My cross virginity has be taken and tainted as I doubt I will have as much fun riding in circles in my underwear with very many other people.

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