Just in from Mt. Tam!

Furthermore – todays Mt Tam hill climb was a success with Mesa taking 3rd in the 3’s and me taking 3rd in the 4’s. We rode out there raced and rode back. The conditions were wet and foggy as hell, making it prefect for a hill climb up 1/Bolinas Fairfax rd/seven sisters, but a shitty day for descending which resulted in me taking a stupid fall after the race on some slick oil spot ( or some other bullshit).
Anyways i hope everyone is having a good weekend and keeping up on the vuelta, today is the day of reckoning.
full race report and photos to come!
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2 Responses to Just in from Mt. Tam!

  1. joooops says:

    yay! for the davids!

  2. omghi says:

    yo bangbang ur hot

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