Giro d SF

mesa and fergus on a break

well it’s been a while since a race report has been reported, so let’s go back a bit:

the giro of sf was the first road race i ever tried to do. but i slept in last year and missed the sign ups and was forced to watch from the sidelines as all my peers proceeded to crash out or get dropped. this, i vowed, would not happen to me.

fast-forward to this years giro: after racing a long a brutal season, i knew this would be my second to last event of the year and it had to work. so i devised a plan: ingenious, and well thought out, we could have robbed fort knox and gotten away with this kind of planning. but alas, it wasn’t to be. it was to be the greatest breakaway ever, at 10 laps to go with five riders spread across four teams, not since the axis powers had such organization be conceived. mesa and i knew, that getting each others back would be crucial when we rounded that last turn and had to fight off our would-be allies for a sprint finish. i mean, we’d done it at hellyer before, right?

unfortunately, the gods were not with us. our cohorts didn’t meet with us before hand to discuss the plan completely, and at the whistle, it was evident, every man for himself. mesa and i did our best to mark each other and make the pack work, but at 5 to go, a crash forced mesa out of the race and me on my own.

though i did my best to work into fifth wheel in the last lap, i ended up sitting a little further back than i had hoped, and slightly distanced from the shaky junior who almost wrecked on the back stretch, forcing me to be more cautious than usual. going into the straight away, i regained top ten position, and managed to dig deep in the sprint and take 6th out of a full field.

thankful no one crashed out or had to be given a wedgie, we ended the day at the RH Villa van for a kegger of college style proportions and talked bikes and gear ratios till the sun came down.

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