Winters RR… gitt-n-er-dun

8/28/10 – Winters RR
This was a proper 70 mile road race with everything you could ask for; smooth flat sections, rollers, narrow one lane roads, a nasty little climb called Cantelow Hill, and a technical decent.
The Professor

The Professor

The morning started off fairly windy and cool with the predictable problems of goatheads flying about (oh how I wish that was literally the case and not just a type of sharp seed) with Fergus being the first victim of their thorny wrath before the race even started.  Luckily mama Tanaka came to the rescue.

All the other local teams seemed to be taking this race very seriously and were out in big numbers, there were 12 Bike Planet riders in the 4’s alone.
With the big team tactics sure to play out our plan was to sit and wait for the moves.
Right from the start Bike Planet took control of the race and were just trying to string it out.



The decisive part of the course was the narrow sections leading up to the feed zone and then the main climb and decent. As you approach the main climb you look up to the right and see the summit mocking you with its steep gradients wrapping around the switch-back and up over the hill.

Will and I were climbing well and descending like il falco.

The decent was technical and fast.  It was fucking great but so many people descend like a bunch of grandmas and just kept getting in the way.  I still managed to get around plenty of riders and hit a little over 40 mph by Wills computer.

The Chosen One

So with the consistent pace being set by some of the larger teams it came down to the final lap when a Mission rider attacked before the narrow sections and blew everyone up.  Three guys made it off the front with a gap on the chasing group.  I was fourth over the main climb leading the chasers and Will was just behind the chasing group.  I really pushed it on the decent and dropped the remaining field except for one.  As we came on the flat section I could see the riders ahead and the chasers behind, and I made the decision that surly 12 riders would be able to close the 500 meter gap on 3 riders no problem.


Little did i know that most of those 12 riders were just a bunch of douchebags that for some reason they could not work together and catch the three off the front.  So it came down to a sprint for fourth. At 200 meters they gave us the entire road and I shot out on the left and could only hold out for 6th.  Will brought up the rear with the chasing chase group for 16th.  Dave finished with the entire peloton in a big sprint finish for 13th (by the way Dave you better fix your registration profile to Chica Sexy asap).  Fergus over did it with tack racing the night before and fell victim to the nasty gradients and harsh pace over Cantelow hill.

Overall it was a good race with no crashes and some decent suffering.

Bangor descending

The Prof descending

My pre-race sacrificial offering to the four winds was acceptable to the pagan underworld and this is now one of my favorite road races of the season and I can’t wait for next year.
Challenge Callenge and Grio de SF race reports soon to come.
(Photo Credits: Hors Categorie Photography )
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